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Psychcrumbs is driven by a few core values: know more, feel better, and do better. The goal is to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health and educate and support people in achieving better mental health and fuller life.

I use this platform to educate people on mental health and empower individuals by providing fact-based and authentic resources, so they can help others or ask for help when they need it.​



About Author

Hello there, my name is Happy Das. I am working in an ad-tech company as a content marketer. In my free time, I like to read about psychology and write on various topics from human behavior to mental health and its stigma because knowledge is power.
I passionately believe in the power of education and expression. Humans – through conversations and storytelling – create community. I want to help people be more engaged and connected in the world.
To continue to build a community of psychologists and therapists and help people who are striving for greatness, I am open to collaborations and guest writing. Sounds interesting and want to be a part of it? Contact me here.

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